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January 29 – Review

Dear Friends, Over the course of the month, we have looked at each of the five faculties and their progression, as described in a series of talks from Gil Fronsdal. Whenever there are lists like this, it can feel overwhelming, like we have to study for an exam in order to pass. If that’s arising for you, please… Read More »

December 31 – Welcome!

Dear Friends, Thank you for choosing to be part of this January email offering. This is the eighth year I have been doing this, and I continue to be inspired by the teachings, and by knowing you are here with me on this journey. I’m looking forward to exploring the five spiritual faculties with you this month. We’ll… Read More »

January 21 – Meditative expressions of equanimity

Dear Friends, Continuing with Sally Armstrong’s talk, “Facets of Equanimity,” looking at some of the ways equanimity might be experienced in our meditation practice. She states, “Any moment of true or clear mindfulness has equanimity in it.” You can hear this balance of equanimity in the definitions of mindfulness Sally shares. Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of… Read More »

January 19 – Embodied knowing

Dear Friends, To finish Kamala’s talk, “The Five Spiritual Faculties’ relationship to Equanimity” with the fifth faculty of wisdom. Kamaly says the calm and steady collected mind can “pierce through the illusion of solidity and permanence.” She says, “When [the mind] pierces through the illusion of permanence, the deep understanding and wisdom of impermanence is known. Not theoretically,… Read More »

January 15 – The willingness to take the next step

Dear Friends, Continuing with Kamala’s talk, “The Five Spiritual Faculties’ relationship to Equanimity“ Kamala gives a brief overview of the five faculties, and then delves into each in more detail. Today, we’ll look at the overview and touch into the first – in Pali, it’s called saddha, which is often translated as faith. Kamala’s talk describes how the… Read More »

January 14 – Like a chariot pulled by five horses

Dear Friends, I’ll start today with Kamala’s next talk in the retreat, on the topic of The Five Spiritual Faculties’ relationship to Equanimity. Kamala starts the talk by sharing a teaching she received from Sayadaw U Pandita: Equanimity is like a chariot being pulled by five horses. In the lead is Mindful Awareness. Behind that are a pair… Read More »