January 30 – Going forward with the faculties

By | January 30, 2023

Dear Friends,

I was inspired to look at the five faculties this month because they can guide us in practice and in daily life.

I like how Elizabeth Day described the applicability:

This particular framework of the five faculties can be a framework for success in anything that we do. It is a succinct summary of a sophisticated understanding of how the mind works. And it offers a helpful way for practitioners to make adjustments to practice in real time.

Elizabeth Day, from “Five Spiritual Faculties: Interview – Willa Thaniya Reid and Elizabeth Day”

As you go forward this year, I invite you to use these five faculties to stay engaged with your practice, to adjust and balance, and to grow in compassionate wisdom.

In 2021, Jeanne gave a series of talks and meditations on the five faculties/powers. This is the closing meditation and talk from that series (30 minutes preamble and meditation, followed by a 27 minute talk):

With good wishes,