January 31 – Closing gratitude

By | January 31, 2023

Dear Friends,

Thank you for being part of this month-long exploration of the five faculties. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to dive deep into the topic, and I hope you found it interesting as well.

Special thanks to the teachers and poets who generously post recordings (and sometimes transcripts) of their teachings online for us to follow along at our own pace.

I wish to extend my gratitude in particular to the following. If you have appreciated this month of offerings, I encourage you to support these teachers and resources.

While many people have contributed towards this month’s posts, any errors are strictly my own.

If you’re wondering what to do now, there are many online and in-person groups and resources to keep your practice going! Here are just a few:

May the goodness we have cultivated this month be for the benefit of all beings.

With good wishes and great appreciation,

Pixie, a brindle and white dog, sits on a snow-covered concrete lookout protected by red railing, and looking south down the South Saskatchewan River, towards the University Bridge. The river is calm and reflecting an early dusky sky.
Pixie posing by the river in Saskatoon in January 2023

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  1. Andrea Grzesina Post author

    Perhaps something is in the air around the five faculties. If you want to hear more, check out Matthew Brensilver’s recent series on AudioDharma (Jan 23-27, 2023), or a recent blog post from Bodhipaksa (Jan 30, 2023). Links below.

    Dharmette: Five Spiritual Faculties – Faith (1 of 5)
    Dharmette: Five Spiritual Faculties – Energy (2 of 5)
    Dharmette: Five Spiritual Faculties – Mindfulness (3 of 5)
    Dharmette: Five Spiritual Faculties: Samadhi (4 of 5)
    Dharmette: Five Spiritual Faculties – Wisdom (5 of 5)

    “The five spiritual faculties: freedom in every moment” by Bodhipaksa

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