December 31 – Welcome!

By | December 31, 2019

Dear Friends,

This is the fifth year I have offered this daily email in January, and I’m honoured that you have chosen to join me in this iteration.

When it comes to choosing a theme, I often find that something speaks to me in several ways through the year. The idea of balance has been something I’ve been seeking in my daily life. I found a set of talks from a retreat by recordings by Kamala Masters and Sally Armstrong on the topic of Equanimity and Awareness, which I enjoyed listening to, so I’ve chosen that to be the main source of inspiration this year.

I want to work on balance in the offering this year! I hope to pick a phrase or two from a talk from this retreat (and elsewhere) to share each day as an inspiration for the day. That should help you have balance in the day too – a short reflection, a reminder to practice, but not anything too lengthy. 🙂

All the emails will be archived to this blog:
Comments are open on the newer posts, and you are invited to share your thoughts and feedback on the posts, or simply reply by email too.

I’m grateful for the guidance and support from Jeanne Corrigal, the guiding teacher for the, and a participant in the IMS Teacher Training Program. I also wish to acknowledge guidance from many other special teachers, including Susie Harrington, Ayya Anandabodhi, Adrianne Ross, and online teachers including Vincent Horn and facilitators of various BCBS online courses, as well as numerous teachers who generously make their teaching available through Dharma Seed, Audio Dharma, books, and other resources. I’m also fortunate to have admirable friendships with other practitioners in the Living the Dharma Program, co-led by Susie Harrington and Jeanne Corrigal. (Any errors or misunderstandings are my own.)

Stay tuned for the first email/post tomorrow!

With warmest wishes,
Andrea Grzesina