Cultivating balance in 2020

Once again, I will be offering daily meditation emails for January 2020. Are you interested in participating? I haven’t drafted everything out in full detail yet, by my plan is to explore the equanimity and balance. Similar to previous years, I’ll send out an email each day in January, with a short bit of encouragement in the form… Read More »

January 31 – We are made more by this practice

Dear Friends, The closing paragraph of Christina Feldman’s Boundless Heart gives us the big picture of where/why/how these practices from this month matter: The noble abidings of kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity becomes immeasurable and unshakeable when rooted in profound understanding. Step by step and moment by moment, a home is established in the qualities that ennoble our lives… Read More »

January 30 – A family of qualities

Dear Friends, As this month of reflection draws to a close, I’m going to circle back to the beginning of the book, where Christina Feldman presented how these practices work together to support one another: Kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity are a family of qualities that support, strengthen, nourish, and balance one another. Immeasurable kindness teaches us a… Read More »

January 28 – Intrinsically interwoven

Dear Friends, This weekend, I sat a retreat led by Jeanne Corrigal. The topic was “Coming Home: to dharma, to love, to ourselves, and each other”. It was a beautiful retreat that brought together teachings from Buddhist and Indigenous traditions. One of my key takeaways was in reconnecting to the wisdom that comes from an embodied knowing –… Read More »

January 26 – Worldly winds

Dear Friends, I’m on retreat this weekend, but I’ve queued up this message to keep you company until I’m back on line on Monday. The “worldly winds”, the vicissitudes – these terms describe what most of us have experienced. There’s a standard list of eight, listed in opposing pairs:Pleasure and PainGain and LossPraise and BlameFame and Disrepute I… Read More »

January 25 – Unshakeable balance

Dear Friends, We now get to dive into the fourth of the brahma vihāras, equanimity. Christina Feldman describes some of the meanings associated with this term: The Pali/Sanskrit word [commonly translated as] “equanimity” finds a number of different translations that endeavour to capture its meaning: “to look over,” “to be a guardian of,” to see with patience and as… Read More »

January 24 – I delight you are here

Dear Friends, The practice of muditā is an empathetic joy that celebrates the good fortune, happiness, and joy of others. Oren Jay Sofer describes it this way: This is mudita: feeling the happiness of another. The capacity for empathic resonance is innate. When empathy meets the happiness and the success of another, when there’s no craving or constriction,… Read More »

January 22 – Contentment

Dear Friends, There’s a poem that Susie Harrington often recites at retreats I’ve attended. It has become a bit of a touch-point for me – anytime I need to reconnect to the “why am I doing this”… Bhuta Thera: No Greater Contentment When the thundering storm cloud roars out in the mist,And torrents of rain fill the paths… Read More »

January 21 – Integrity and appreciation

Dear Friends, Christina Feldman outlines several foundations of joy. We’ll look at two of them today – integrity and appreciation. Integrity What do we mean by integrity? Christina says, “Integrity is not a set of rules laden with value judgments of right and wrong, good and bad. The Buddha described integrity as thoughts, words, and acts rooted in… Read More »

January 20 – Cultivation of joy

Dear Friends, Christina Feldman reminds us, “Life brings many joyful moments, yet if our hearts are closed and contracted, these moments do not touch us.” (page 87) Part of our practice is remembering to open our hearts to whatever is present. Nature is a great teacher in this regard, as are moments of stillness. Richard Wagamese has some… Read More »